Kairos Outside #31 Weekend team formation started

Kairos Outside weekend #31 will be held in the April 27-29, 2018. The leader will be Linda Boyd.  Linda has began preparations for this weekend.   Team selection has begun already.   Please be in prayer for Guests to attend this next weekend and for team members.

                             Notice of Advisory Council Meetings!

2018 Tenative Meeting Schedule

January __, 2018  Teleconference meeting
March __, 2018    3:00 pm after Team meeting
April __, 2018      2:00 or 3:00 pm after Reunion
July __, 2018       10:00 am  Teleconference meeting
September __, 2018    10:00 am  Location ?
November __, 2018    10:00 am   Location?

All Kairos Outside Community members are welcome to attend the Advisory Council meetings and may ask for permission for a topic to be added to the Agenda (in advance of the meeting).    

Please cooperate with the rule that only active Council Members can vote on motions.   Contact Chairperson, Paula Wallace at
_____________ for questions or additions to the Agenda.